Meet the Squad

At Apex Fitness Systems we pride ourselves on our high quality of coaching, each member of our team walks the walk and talks the talk.

It’s incredibly important to us to engage, motivate and inspire our clients – no standing around with clipboards and whistles shouting for more burpees – each member of the team aims to forma personal relationship with their clients to best help them accomplish your goals. 

Yes we are a company, but we are made up of real, passionate and dedicated people who love fitness, nutrition and health and will make it our mission to help you. 


MEEt the team

Tom O’Hagan

– Head Coach at Apex Fitness Systems
– PT Collective (SBS) Qualified Coach
– BCA Accredited Coach
– BJJ Black Belt & CJJ Black Belt
– Over 15 Years of Coaching Experience
– Comic Book Geek

Matt Cooper

– Head Nutrition Coach at Apex Fitness Systems
– MNU Qualified Nutrition Coach
– Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
– Over 15 Years of Coaching Experience
– Music & Film Nerd

James Amos

– Gym Manager at Apex Fitness Systems
– Level 3 Personal Trainer
– Professional Mixed Martial Arts Athlete
– Almost 10 Years of Coaching Experience
– Previously an Engineer in Robotic Automation

Dr. Leigh Cowling

– Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
– Bsc (Hons) Emergency Medicine 
– Level 3 Personal Trainer
– Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Coach 
– Competed in MMA, Thai Boxing, Submission Grappling and BJJ
– Craft Addict